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I want to set a configurationelement property when another property is set. I load configuration element with a getsection and the set function is apparently not fired.


    [ConfigurationProperty("type", DefaultValue = "String", IsRequired = true)]
    public DbType type
            return (DbType)this["type"];
            this["type"] = value;
            //^-?\d*[0-9]?(|.\d*[0-9]|,\d*[0-9])?$ décimal
            tabloidConfigValideur tcv = new tabloidConfigValideur();
            tcv.nom = "autoValideur" + this.valideurs.Count;
            tcv.type = tabloidConfig.validationType.regExp;
                case DbType.Boolean:
                    this["editeur"] = TemplateType.checkBox;
                case DbType.Int16:
                case DbType.Int32:
                case DbType.Int64:
                    tcv.param = @"^-?\d*[0-9]";
                    tcv.message = " doit être un entier";
                case DbType.UInt16:
                case DbType.UInt32:
                case DbType.UInt64:
                    tcv.param = @"\d*[0-9]";
                    tcv.message = "doit être un entier sans signe";

            if (WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["valideurAuto"].ToLower()=="oui"&&string.IsNullOrEmpty(tcv.param)) this.valideurs.Add(tcv);

thanks for your help

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What language is this? And what exactly is your question? – Sid Holland Jan 13 '13 at 21:09
Hi,this c# code. I need to intercept write event on a property to set an other property. But when i use getsection to load properties set part are not executed. – user1974845 Jan 15 '13 at 11:34
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Thanks to all i find a solution, i create an intermediate object from the configelement loaded by getsection. I can now modify the second property using the set of the other one.

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