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I have a link_to that creates a popup. It works on some pages but when I click it on other pages it goes to the wrong URI. Is the issue with my app architecture? I want all links to route to


SHARED/_feed_item.html.erb---This line of code routes properly:

<%= link_to "#{feed_item.votes_for} Into it!", into_it_micropost_path(feed_item.id), :onclick => "javascript:window.open('microposts/#{feed_item.id}/into_it','popup','width=350,height=300,top=315,left=200');", id: "feeditemlikes_#{feed_item.id}", remote: true %>

USERS/_vote_feed_item.html.erb--- On the like page it routes to


<%= link_to "#{vote_feed_item.votes_for} Into it!", into_it_micropost_path(vote_feed_item.id), :onclick => "javascript:window.open('microposts/#{vote_feed_item.id}/into_it','popup','width=350,height=300,top=315,left=200');", id: "feeditemlikes_#{vote_feed_item.id}", remote: true %>

MICROPOSTS/_micropost.html.erb---On the profile page it routes to


<%= link_to "#{micropost.votes_for} Into it!", into_it_micropost_path(micropost.id), :onclick => "javascript:window.open('microposts/#{micropost.id}/into_it','popup','width=350,height=300,top=315,left=200');", id: "feeditemlikes_#{micropost.id}", remote: true %>

Actually it seems the problem is with the javascript popup code, any hints?

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Do you need the 'remote: true'? –  Swards Jan 14 '13 at 18:43
I need it so the page doesn't refresh/change –  Jaqx Jan 14 '13 at 21:48

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If I understand you correctly, you always want to link to http://localhost:3000/microposts/361/into_it

Then you should prepend your paths with a leading slash:

"javascript:window.open('/microposts/#{micropost.id}/into_it', ..."

Or better, use the rails path helper, something like this:

"javascript:window.open(#{into_it_path(micropost)}, ..."
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