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I'm wanting to get all of the rows of data from another DatagridView from a different program. I know I got to use WIN API, but I am completely lost on how to go about doing this. I've tried several types of examples on the web, but I am drawing a complete blank. If anyone is also a GURU for API I am even willing to pay because I extremely need this code.

Using an API Spy, The following information is given back when I highlight over the control.

Window Handle: 404178
Window Text: ""
Window Class name: "TJvDBGrid"
Parent Win Handle: 338420
Parent Win Text: "Return List"
Parent Win Class Name: "TReturnGridForm"

Using a program to try and general the information automatically to find the actual window gives me the following:

 Dim treturngridform As Long, tjvdbgrid As Long
 treturngridform = FindWindow("treturngridform", vbNullString)
 tjvdbgrid = FindWindowEx(treturngridform, 0&, "tjvdbgrid", vbNullString)

Can anyone help me out?

P.S. is there any programs out there that are current kind of like how the infamous patorjk api spy that was created back in the vb6 days?

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It looks like you are getting your method signatures from a VB6 example because of the use of Longs, try using Integer or IntPtr instead. FindWindow & FindWindowEx –  Mark Hall Jan 13 '13 at 21:44
Can you post an example using what you had responded with to get data from a DataGridView? And I could just fill in blanks or learn from your example? the HWND and other features regarding the FindWindow itself confuses me. Especially when trying to get data out of a DataGridView and not just getting Window Text or Finding the Window which I know how to do –  eqiz Jan 14 '13 at 2:05

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