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I have a binding for Bluetooth BLE device with the following binding:

[BaseType (typeof (CBPeripheralDelegate), Delegates=new string [] {"WeakDelegate"}, 
 Events=new Type [] { typeof (BrspDelegate) })]
interface Brsp
    //@property (nonatomic, weak) id <BrspDelegate> delegate;
    [Export ("delegate")]
    BrspDelegate Delegate { get; set; }

    [Wrap ("WeakDelegate")]
    NSObject WeakDelegate { get; set; }

    ...other stuff


And the following delegate:

    interface BrspDelegate 
         [Export("brsp:OpenStatusChanged:"), EventArgs("OpenStatus")]

         ...other stuff

When I hook up a generated event handler for the openstatuschanged, it instantly crashes the app and I get no feedback whatsoever what could be wrong. I'm still a newbie to binding, so...

I have the feeling somehow I made mistake with "Events = ..." part, any ideas?



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Hard to say without more details (e.g. symbolicated crash log) but part of your bindings are inverted (and that could cause endless recursion that will crash your app).

  • your Delegate method should have the [Wrap] attribute (on WeakDelegate); and
  • your WeakDelegate method should be the one with the [Export] attribute on the delegate selector.


    [Wrap ("WeakDelegate")]
    StronglyTypedDelegate Delegate { get; set; }

    [Export ("delegate")][NullAllowed]
    NSObject WeakDelegate { get; set; }
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This was exactly the problem! I was puzzled a bit at this part, and probably made a mistake when copying/adapting the code. RTFM, as it is correctly shown in the Xamarin docs. Thanks! –  Rogier Jan 15 '13 at 8:14

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