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Trying to display all incorrect answers into a table for each question, but for some strange reason, I am recieving an empty answer in one of the rows. Now this is only happening in question 2 and question 2 is the only question which has multiple correct answers so I believe the problem I am having is I am not setting $row_count correctly but my question is how can it be set proerly to be able to display the missing answer which is D? The php fiddle to see the problem is here

Code below which sets row count for incorrect answers for a question which contains mutliple correct answers is below:


        //remaining incorrect answers in separate row (if any) follows here
    if($row_count < $q_row_span - 1) 
        for($i=($row_count + 1); $i<$q_row_span; $i++) { ?>     
            <td class="answertd"><?php echo$inc_ans[$i];?>
            <input type="hidden" id="hiddenincorrect" name="incorrect[]" value="<?php echo$inc_ans[$i];?>">

            <td class="answermarkstd">
            <input class="individualMarks q<?php echo$questionNo?>_mark"  q_group="1" name="answerMarks[]" type="text" data-type="qmark" data-qnum="<?php echo$questionNo?>" onkeypress="return isNumberKey(event)" maxlength="3" />
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The error is caused by the fact that array you are iterating over $ques_ans with for() has a gap in keys.

var_dump($ques_ans) gives us:

array(3) {
  ... skipped for brevity
  array(2) {
    string(1) "B"
    string(1) "D"
  ... skipped for brevity

There is no element with the key [1]. It's because the function array_intersect, which you use on line 49, preserves keys.

To quickly fix your code just to make it work without errors I added array_values() on line 51:

$ques_ans[$questionNo] = array_values($q_incorrect_ans);    //store the array of incorrect ans against the ques no as key

Though it might make no sense to your app logic. I just didn't dive in it. So check for that.

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Is there a better way for me to use the array interset so that instead of displaying multiple sets of arrays for a question which has multiple answers, it is able to just have 1 set of array and remove the multiple correct answers in a question in one set. This is because I tested you fix with a different set of questions and answers and even that one has an incorrect answer missing – user1964964 Jan 14 '13 at 9:56

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