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After registration I ensure the user is logged in as follows:

$token = new UsernamePasswordToken($user, null, 'secured_area', $user->getRoles());

and was hoping that this would also trigger my success handler:

    new AuthenticationEvent($token)

The handler is set on the standard form login within the security config, e.g.

            success_handler: authentication_handler

The success handler is triggered fine when logging in but not after registration.

Is this just a config problem? and/or could all of this be achieved with a single event?

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I think you'll need to create/trigger a separate event on registration, as that's no built in feature afaik.

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I think you have to authenticate the user to trigger the event:

$token = $this->get('my.bundle.authentication.manager')->authenticate(new UsernamePasswordToken($user, null, 'secured_area', $user->getRoles()));

my.bundle.authentication.manager would be an alias of security.authentication.manager, it could be register like this (XML):

<service id="my.bundle.authentication.manager" alias="security.authentication.manager" />
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