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I'm currently working on an actionscript game, and am trying to set stage boundaries; however, the player object is a subobject of a stage object; and when referencing player.x, I'm getting it's x position within the level object itself. In essence, what I'm trying to do is;

if (player.x < stage.x.0) {
player.x = stage.x.0

Is there any easy way to do this, or should I simply make sure the player object is always on the stage, rather than as a subobject?

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You can use the localToGlobal() method to convert a Point (flash.geom.Point) from one object's coordinates to stage coordinates. Either by asking subobject to convert the player's location:

var playerPosition:Point = new Point(subobject.player.x, subobject.player.y);
var playerPositionOnStage:Point = subobject.localToGlobal(playerPosition);

Or, because a new Point is at 0, 0 by default, by asking the player object itself to convert that to global coordinates:

var playerPositionOnStage:Point = subobject.player.localToGlobal(new Point());
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Great to know, thanks! – Eoghan Jan 13 '13 at 23:55

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