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Need a way for Facebook to render images in a wallpost when the wall post is made through the Open Graph API.

When I copy and paste this link into the Facebook UI at, and post it that way, the wall post ends up looking like this:

Successful rendered image in FB wall post

But, when I try to access my wall programmatically using the Facebook Python library, using the below code, the image does not render:

graph = GraphAPI(valid_access_token)

Yields this:

unsuccessful Facebook wall post with image

How can I use the Facebook API to embed an image in my wall post?

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Use the link field not the message field via an attachment

def put_wall_post(self, message, attachment={}, profile_id="me"):
    """Writes a wall post to the given profile's wall.

    We default to writing to the authenticated user's wall if no
    profile_id is specified.

    attachment adds a structured attachment to the status message
    being posted to the Wall. It should be a dictionary of the form:

        {"name": "Link name"
         "link": "",
         "caption": "{*actor*} posted a new review",
         "description": "This is a longer description of the attachment",
         "picture": ""}

    return self.put_object(profile_id, "feed", message=message,

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Awesome, Thanks! – Clay Wardell Jan 14 '13 at 0:13

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