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I have a resource file in the App_GlobalResources folder and i would like to print some of the string in things like the alt text of images and the title of a href links. I know this can be done using asp.net controls for asp:Image and asp:Hyperlink then print the striong with the <%$ but what I would like to do is use the normal HTML a href and img tags and then print the resource string in that. Can anyone tell me how to accomplish that?

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yes , using

 <img src="..." runat="server" id="myUniqueID" />

can be accessed in code-behind just like <asp:Image /> would be

most HTML elements with runat attribute and a unique id can be accessed from the viewstate just like an asp: element would be

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Thanks, I did not think of just adding the runat command I just tested it and that worked great. –  user1365911 Jan 14 '13 at 2:49

Use CSS Media Selectors to distinguish between screen CSS and print CSS.

An example for hyperlinks is given in this article. This may not work for all browsers, though.

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