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I need to add an autocomplete to a input field in my app using phonegap. I am aware of the autocomplete widget that jquery has and I wanted to use that in my app too. What I need is for the autocomplete to look for strings based off a query made in the sqlite db I have installed on my tablet.

     source: "script_that_queries_the_db.php"

From another thread I got this, but since phonegap doesn't use php, are we allowed to call a JS file similarly and make that query a function, for example

function getSitenames () { 
   //stuff in here to build an array to use by autocomplete 

Any help will be appreciated.

EDIT: My JSON/Array I'll be grabbing from the database will contain around 1900 entries at a time. Since autocomplete will always recall the source, I was hoping to do something like

SELECT name FROM sitenames WHERE name LIKE ?

and parse in the response.text each time and build the array like that. (Since the sitesnames table holds 1900+ entries)

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@CL. I've tried using the .slice() feature of arrays in javascript to break down the array, however, it is still a huge array and I still have to look through it (the array size is around 1900) –  SNpn Jan 14 '13 at 22:02
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I strongly recommend this link "Example of Autocomplete in jQuery Mobile"

The jquery mobile version has some issues

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I've had a read of that and will probably build something similar to that...I forgot to add that my array or JSON will hold around 1900 entries at a time –  SNpn Jan 14 '13 at 22:04
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So jQM doesn't support autocomplete properly, I had to use this, https://github.com/commadelimited/autoComplete.js for a substitution. It essentially works the same, where I used:

source: function (text) { var arrayClients = findCleints(text); callback(arrayClients) },

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