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Just interested at this kind of comparison, any clue?

Say there are two variables as below:

$p1 = "2013-01-11/2013-01-04";
$p2 = "2013-01-12/2012-01-05";

If like below codes in Perl,

if $p1 lt $p2

What Perl will take to compare and how?

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2 Answers

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lt is string comparation operator, and it compares two operands in their literal sense.

In your case, two strings


will be compared in the illustrated manner, and stop at the 9th position (the first position characters are different, also note string index starts at 0), i.e. 1 in $p1 and 2 in $p2. And also 1 is less than 2 literally. So $p1 lt $2 is true.

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Very easy-understanding answer. Thanks. –  Yang Jan 14 '13 at 2:43
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Breaking down your tasks:

  • separate your strings into (start_stringtime, end_stringtime) string pairs
  • convert each string in the string pair into a datetime
    (there's a gazillion modules for this, choose one(s) appropriate for your task)
  • calculate the time periods for each pair
  • compare the time periods numerically - if $p1 < $p2

This question:
Convert string "20-May-07" to date and manipulate

will give you some leads

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