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EDIT: Resolved. I didn't add quotations!

I am trying to update a form's action depending on the value inside a select box using Javascript.

So far I have:

<form name="newStudent" method="POST" onsubmit=newStudent.action = document.newStudent.proceed.value>

and further down in my code:

<select name="proceed">
<option value="newSchedule.php">add student's schedule</option>
<option value="newStudent.php">add another student</option>
<option value="staff.php">staff page</option>;

Nothing happens when the submit button is pressed. What am I doing wrong? The current page is newStudent.php so the form should redirect to newSchedule.php since it is selected.

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The attribute value contains spaces, so you need quotation marks around it:

<form name="newStudent" method="POST" onsubmit="newStudent.action = document.newStudent.proceed.value">
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Grrr! thankyou I have overlooked something so simple. –  user1975196 Jan 14 '13 at 2:12

try this:

<form name="newStudent" method="POST" onsubmit="this.action = document.newStudent.proceed.value">
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