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My widget does not work once deployed even though it shows no errors in Dashcode. Apologies in advance for my inarticulartness with the terminology. I am a newbie.

To create the widget, I deleted the default .js file and pasted the JavaScript plus XHTML into the HTML page and created the accompanying CSS file.

The only code I can see that is generated is the plist.

I tried opening up all the permissions but nothing seems to change.

The OSX utilities console shows errors which are on lines beyond what there are numbers for in the code.

I don't think the JavaScript/XHTML/CSS is the problem as it works when in a web page and the widget does actually work within Dashcode.

Help appreciated,


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If you're using Dashcode, don't delete the default JS. file. This is important because it has the loaders necessary to render most of the parts in your widget. You can always add your custom javascript file. It also provides code that will allow it to work properly in Dashcode.

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