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As background, I currently have three models, School, Course and Section, where they are all in a one-to-many relationships (School has_many courses, and Course has_many sections, with the corresponding belongs_to relationships also established in the model). I also have the following resources (exclusions to be set later):

  resources :schools do
    resources :courses
  resources :sections #not part of the nest

Although sections could work as part of the nested resources, I kept it out since the Rails guide strongly recommended nests only one layer deep.

So, my trouble is when it comes to creating a new section (In SectionsController), and having it linked to the course via the course_id

  def new
    @course = Course.find(params[:id]) #this line results in an error
    @section =

The first line would always raise an "Couldn't find Course without an ID" error, which I can't get past, despite trying various different combinations of using :id, :course_id, etc. Since Course is a nested resource, is there something else that I'm missing? Thanks for your help!

When running rake routes, here is the output:

         sections  GET    /sections(.:format)                            sections#index
                   POST   /sections(.:format)                            sections#create
      new_section  GET    /sections/new(.:format)                        sections#new
     edit_section  GET    /sections/:id/edit(.:format)                   sections#edit
          section  GET    /sections/:id(.:format)                        sections#show
                   PUT    /sections/:id(.:format)                        sections#update
                   DELETE /sections/:id(.:format)                        sections#destroy
    school_courses GET    /schools/:school_id/courses(.:format)          courses#index
                   POST   /schools/:school_id/courses(.:format)          courses#create
 new_school_course GET    /schools/:school_id/courses/new(.:format)      courses#new
edit_school_course GET    /schools/:school_id/courses/:id/edit(.:format) courses#edit
     school_course GET    /schools/:school_id/courses/:id(.:format)      courses#show
                   PUT    /schools/:school_id/courses/:id(.:format)      courses#update
                   DELETE /schools/:school_id/courses/:id(.:format)      courses#destroy
           schools GET    /schools(.:format)                             schools#index
                   POST   /schools(.:format)                             schools#create
        new_school GET    /schools/new(.:format)                         schools#new
       edit_school GET    /schools/:id/edit(.:format)                    schools#edit
            school GET    /schools/:id(.:format)                         schools#show
                   PUT    /schools/:id(.:format)                         schools#update
                   DELETE /schools/:id(.:format)                         schools#destroy
              root        /   
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Can you please run rake routes and add the output to your question? – dchacke Jan 14 '13 at 3:01
Added the outputs - thanks. – daspianist Jan 14 '13 at 3:12

since your courses are nested with schools, try this

your model should have

class School < ActiveRecord::base
  has_many :courses

class Course < ActiveRecord::base
  belongs_to :school

def new
  school = School.find(params[:school_id])
  @course =
  #your code 

you can get more idea about this routing by running

rake routes


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Unfortunately it didn't work (I think you meant to write in the code for new for new sections, which was what I was having trouble with, so I changed the code accordingly :)). Actually I have tried using params[:course_id], but its still giving me the same error of "Couldn't find Course without an ID". – daspianist Jan 14 '13 at 3:26
Hi could u print the params and see what you are getting ? – sameera207 Jan 14 '13 at 13:37
Unfortunately I can't even get that far. In the controller I made a dummy variable @dummy = Course.find(params[:school_id]) just to try to show it, and still get the error that "Cannot find Course without an ID". If this helps, my "add new section" link is placed here: /schools/1/courses/2, where it then navigates to /sections/new.. is it due to the fact that it has navigated to this new URL that it can't find the id from the params? If so how do I still manage to pass the information to the new SectionsController? Thanks again! – daspianist Jan 15 '13 at 0:21
place a p params just below the new method and let me know that are the params u get, (you should get a params hash to the controller, unless you have any before_filters set up) :) – sameera207 Jan 15 '13 at 4:13

you need to have these params in your new section request

{:School_id=> some_id, :course_id=>some_id}

So that you can get them section binding with course

In section controller

 def new
    @school = School.find(params[:school_id])
    @course =>params[:course_id]).first
    @section =

hope this will cure :)

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