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I wonder if I stop the twistd process using

kill `cat twistd.pid`

What will happen if there are exactly some sql execution committing? Will it waiting for the execution done? or just unknown, it could be done, or abandon?

I know if I put the execution in the stopFactory method, the factory will do such things like waiting for the execution done. But if I don't, I mean the execution out the stopFactory method, will it waiting for the execution done before the factory stopping?


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kill sends SIGTERM by default. Twisted installs a SIGTERM handler which calls reactor.stop(). Anything that would happen when you call reactor.stop() will happen when you use that kill command.

More specifically, any shutdown triggers will run. This means any services attached to an Application will have their stopService method called (and if a Deferred is returned, it will be allowed to finish before shutdown proceeds). It also means worker threads in the reactor threadpool will be shutdown in an orderly manner - ie, allowed to complete whatever job they have in progress.

If you're using adbapi, then the ConnectionPool uses its own ThreadPool and also registers a shutdown trigger to shut that pool down in a similar orderly manner.

So, when you use kill to stop a Twisted-based process, any SQL mid-execution will be allowed to complete before shutdown takes place.

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I'm using adbapi, so I think it's safe. Thanks, JP. –  holsety Jan 14 '13 at 10:07

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