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Possible Duplicate:
Run a python script from another python script, passing in args

Suppose I have that returns a int value.

Is it possible to run only on my shell and within gets in some way the int value returned by according to parameters I passed to

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Could execfile be what you're after? execfile('') will work as if you had copied and pasted the entire contents of into the console.

e.g. suppose has:

 def myFunction(a, b):
     return a + b

and then in I could do:

 # reads in the function myFunction from
 myFunction(1, 2)

If you want to execute with parameters passed in from then I suggest that the contents of are encased in a function. That is, if your is:

a = 1
b = 2
result = a + b

I'd suggest you convert it into:

 def myFunction(a, b):
     return a + b

so that you can specify a and b from

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Why would you use execfile to import a function rather than import? – Tim Jan 14 '13 at 4:07

Yes it's possible. That's what modules are used for :).

First you have to put the method that you use in into a function. I'll use the same example as the person above me has used (because it's a good example :p).

def myFunction(a, b):
    return a + b

Now on your, you'll want to put:

import script2

at the top. This will only work if both files are in the same directory.

To use the function, you would type:

# Adding up two numbers
script2.myFunction(1, 2)

and that should return 3.

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Try this:

import subprocess

x = 55

print "running""python " + x)
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