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I have a DataGrid in Visual Basic 6. This DataGrid displays a list of product just like what see below: enter image description here

I want to change image in the Image control whenever the user selects a product from the DataGrid. I am doing this thru the code below:

Private Sub txtBarcode_Change()
On Error GoTo nosuchfile
    picture.picture = App.Path & "Images\products\" & txtBarcode.Text & ".jpg"
picture.picture = App.Path & "Images\products\no_image.jpg"
End Sub

txtBarcode is a hidden textbox that contains the barcode/id that is currently selected in the DataGrid.

MY PROBLEM: The image doesn't seems to change.

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to load a picture you need to call LoadPicture()

Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture("c:\temp\pic.bmp")
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