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I'm beginner with WIX, and I have a question about registry search with key contain property is set when user click next button.

When I click button Next on the dialog, I do some action like that:

<Publish Dialog="RCCLicenseAgreementDlgMaintain" Control="Next" Property="APPFOLDER" Value="{E29DC054-....8}" Order="1">1</Publish>

  <Publish Dialog="RCCLicenseAgreementDlgMaintain" Control="Next" Event="SetTargetPath" Value="[APPLICATIONFOLDER]" Order="2">1</Publish>

APLLICATIONFOLDER is a property is get from RegistrySearch:

    <Property Id="APPLICATIONFOLDER"  
  <RegistrySearch Id="AppFolderRegistrySearch"                      

I don't know why I can't find this registry value for property APPLICATIONFOLDER, but when I set value for property APPFOLDER directly , I can use property APPFOLDER to find registry value normally, I set value for APPFOLDER property like that:

    <Property Id="APPFOLDER" 

Anyone can help me solve this problem, I want set value for property [APPFOLDER] and use it to search registry to set value for property APPLICATIONFOLDER.

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Create an installation log to see if the search path is resolver correctly –  Ciprian Jan 14 '13 at 9:04
What's the order in which these get evaluated? You can't use the APPFOLDER property until it's been initialized in the dialog event, but you then need to do the registrysearch to find the APPLICATIONFOLDER property before you can then call SetTargetPath. You need to schedule a DoAction ControlEvent to trigger the Registry search between these two. –  Stephen Connolly Jan 15 '13 at 13:16

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