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I'm trying to get the target/srcElement of an HTML "area" element for an image map.

Here's what I have so far (pardon the data URI):

<map name="dpad">
  <area id="dpad"shape="rect" alt="" title="" coords="1,14,12,24" onmousedown="move('l',false,event);" target="" />
  <area shape="rect" alt="" title="" coords="15,2,24,12" onmousedown="move('u');" target="" />
  <area shape="rect" alt="" title="" coords="27,15,38,24" onmousedown="move('r');" target="" />
  <area shape="rect" alt="" title="" coords="15,27,25,38" onmousedown="move('d');" target=""/>
<img width="40"height="40"src=""usemap="#dpad"/>

So, for the left arrow on the dpad, I have a function to be called onmousedown, move(dir,hold,e).

Here is the function started:

function move(dir,hold,e){
    var p=document.getElementById('test');

This is confusing the crap out of me as to why I'm getting "undefined" when clicking on the area. Could someone please explain in FULL detail as to how I can get the target?

Do I need to include 'event' as a parameter in my HTML code? Do I even NEED a parameter for it?

On another note, here's something that really confused me.

So, I can't get the target of that element, but this works just fine:

<div class="male1-d" id="test" data-sprite="male1" onclick="alert(event.target+' '+this.style.left+' '+this.style.top);"></div>

Done. Target obtained. Now why can't I do it in a function?

I forgot to mention that for Opera I meant mobile(?) version 9.50.

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in some browsers,'event' is a attribute of window.But you need to include 'event' as a parameter in others.So your move function should be like below:

     <button onmousedown='move(event)' id='btn' name='a button'>click</button>
     function move(e){
       var e=e||window.event;
       var target=e.target||e.srcElement;
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I just tried this. Still not working. I get the event returned correctly in the alert, but when I try to alert the target, I get nothing in the alert box (this is on my Opera browser) I forgot to mention that for Opera I meant mobile(?) version 9.50. –  Ricky Yoder Jan 14 '13 at 4:54
Does it show any errors? –  Zhou Lee Jan 14 '13 at 4:56
Not 1 error somehow. –  Ricky Yoder Jan 14 '13 at 4:58
The move function works in my Opera version 11.61.You must miss some infomation.By the Way,did you use any debug tools? –  Zhou Lee Jan 14 '13 at 5:09
copy the sample above,and run it in your Opera. –  Zhou Lee Jan 14 '13 at 6:01

It seems , it is a problem in the click event. They says , it is a bug in jquery. And has given details in

Jquery click event of a div in li element not fired in mobile Safari

It says two things:

Add cursor:pointer to the DIV class.
Add onclick="" to the element 
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