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I cant convert this below query to Zend_Db:

SELECT `mfaq`.* FROM `m_faq` AS `mfaq`
WHERE (mfaq.delete_flg <> 'D' OR mfaq.delete_flg IS NULL)
AND ((mfaq.title like '%$title%')
OR (mfaq.title like '%$title%')
AND (mfaq.title like '%$title%') 
OR (mfaq.title like '%$title%'))
ORDER BY `create_date` DESC 

Some help???

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First you need to have created dbtable model:

class Application_Model_DbTable_Mfaq extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract
    protected $_name = 'm_faq';

Then use it as follows:

$table = new Application_Model_DbTable_Mfaq();

$select = $table->getAdapter()->select()
            ->where("( mfaq.delete_flg <> 'D'")
            ->orWhere("mfaq.delete_flg IS NULL )")
            ->where("( mfaq.title like ?", "%$title%")
            ->orWhere("mfaq.title like ? ", "%$title%")
            ->where(" mfaq.title like ?", "%$title%")
            ->orWhere("mfaq.title like ? )", "%$title%")
            ->order("create_date DESC");

// echo $select; // shows your sql
$results = $select->query()->fetchAll();

I hope, you take into account that AND have higher priority than OR.

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thank ivan! it's awesome –  25 cm Apr 21 '14 at 3:31

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