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I have a div class named "subproperties". In that div, I have many div elements like border,background,logo,button. These div elements are hidden initially(using style="display:none;")

I also have a drop down box with these div element names as options. When I click an option say 'logo', that div is showed. Next when I click the option 'border', the 'logo' div should be hidden and the 'border' div should be shown. Similarly for all cases.

That is, I want all the divs of the class subproperties to be hidden and show only one. how to do that in jquery?

Here is my code.

 $("#properties option").click(function(){

			case '1':

			case '2':

			case '3':

 <div class="float_left spaceleft" id="properties">
<p class="title1">Properties</p>
	<div class="seperator"></div>
		<select id="propertiesMenu" class="select" size="7">
				<option value="1">Borders</option>
				<option value="2">Backgrounds</option>
				<option value="3">Typography</option>

</div><!--End of properties -->

 <div class="subproperties">

     <div class="float_left spaceleft" id="backgrounds" style="display:none;">
		<p class="title1">Backgrounds</p>
		<select id="backgroundsMenu" class="select" size="7">
			<option value="bgHtml">Wallpaper</option>
			<option value="bgForm">Form</option>
			<option value="bgInstruct">Instructions</option>
      </div><!--End of backgrounds -->

      <div class="float_left spaceleft" id="typography" style="display:none;">
		<p class="title1">Typography</p>
		<div class="seperator"></div>
		<select id="typographyMenu" class="select" size="7">
			<option value="ftFormTitle">Title</option>
			<option value="ftFormDescription">Description</option>
			<option value="ftFieldTitle">Field Title</option>
			<option value="ftFieldText">Field Text</option>
		</div><!--End of typography -->

	 <div float_left spaceleft" id="borders" style="display:none;">
		<p class="title1">Borders</p>
		<select id="bordersMenu" class="select" size="7">
			<option value="brForm">Form</option>
			<option value="brDivider">Sections</option>
		</div><!--End of borders -->

</div><!-- End of sub properties -->
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$('#properties option').click(function() { 
    $('.subproperties div').hide();
    //... switch statement ...
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It can give strange results when using animations I think. First you hide everything and then you show one element again. – Bavo Sep 16 '09 at 7:37
True for animations. But for hide() and show() this works well. – Jan Willem B Sep 16 '09 at 8:50
(But i voted your answer up) – Jan Willem B Sep 16 '09 at 8:52

To adjust in each case:



Edit: Maybe more elegant (id is id of element to show):

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You can use this:

$("div.subproperties div").hide();

to hide all divs. Then use the selected div's id to show it:

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When you show one, you want to hide the others, so something like:

 case '1':                                

Or you may wish to hide them all before the switch and then show the one specified.

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If you really want to do it by hand, you can try the other answers.

Or you can take a look at jQuery UI which offers a pretty good Accordion, which looks like what you want after all.

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get selected text from option and use these two lines:


$("div.subproperties").hide();//HIDE ALL DIVS


<script type="text/javascript">
        var txt=$("#propertiesMenu option:selected").text();
        $("div. subproperties").hide();
        $("div#"+txt).parents("div. subproperties").show();
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This is quite an older post but I am putting information here just to help other if someone will see to it.

To show the div while selecting one value and hide while selecting another value: -

$('#dropdownid').bind('change', function(event) {

       var i= $('#dropdownid').val();

           $('#divid').hide(); // hide the first one
           $('#divid2').show(); // show the other one



Hope this will help you

Kind Regards, Summved

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