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How should I write the following C# .NET code in Jython?

ticks = DateTime.UtcNow.Ticks;

I am new to Jython and I use Jython-2.2.1 in nGrinder version 3.0 and JDK version 1.7.0_10.

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Why do you need those ticks? Is it for some reporting for example to show how many ticks elapsed between two events?

This C# code shows ticks (there are 10,000 ticks in a millisecond) from 0001-01-01.

Many systems including Python time module use Unix epoch which started at 1970-01-01. You can use time.time() to see how many seconds elapsed from start of the epoch. It is floating point number.

In Java and in Jython you can use System methods like currentTimeMillis() and nanoTime():

# this will work in Python/Jython/IronPython
import time

# this will work in Jython
from java.lang import System

If you need this as "wall" clock then use time.time(), convert it to ticks by multiplying it by 10000*1000 and adding ticks between 0001-01-01 and 1970-01-01.

If you need very precise difference between two events use System.nanoTime() (it has no connection with normal "wall clock" time).

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