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I am trying to group faces in a folder using the opencv.

I am playing around with eigenfaces example at http://docs.opencv.org/modules/contrib/doc/facerec/facerec_tutorial.html. but cannot find anything to solve my problem.

I have a set of faces in my face database: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I
As a result I try to get; 
 - A,B,D are person1
 - C,E,F are person2 
 - G,H   are person3
 - I     is person4

I gues the process should be like;

sampleFace = A
  mode.train(faces,labels) // trains face database 
  model.predict(sampleFace, &predict, &confidence) // get the prediction 
  using the confidence and similarity percentage decide A,B,D faces are person1
  remove A,B,D from face database and remove the labels of these images also 
  if faces.size=1 exit loop
  sampleFace = C
end of loop

To get that result, I think I need to set a thresholg to my model in the eigen faces sample. And need to use the confidence value.

Actually I want to set a similarity score like %80, then I want to get images which has similarity score bigger than %80 with the given sample face. The eigenfaces sample gives only one similar face with a confidence value. I need to get multiple faces with confidence value per each one, then I can compare the similarity scores. Also in the eigenfaces sample I do not know the limits of confidence, I need a percentage value per each face.

Any help,advice, or code sample would be greatly appreciated.

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