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I am working with jeditable in Ruby on Rails.

I’m trying to do is click a button and all the fields a certain row become editable and automatically go to their editable state. Is this possible?

This is my java script

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    $(".edit_textfield").each( function() {  
          $(this).editable('<%=>', {
                indicator   :'Saving...',
                tooltip     :'Click to edit...',
                rows        :10,
                method      :"PUT",
                submitdata: {id: $(this).attr('id'),name: $(this).attr('name')}

This is the show page

  <b><%=t :Name%>:</b>
  <dd class="edit_textfield" id="<%= %>" name="name"><%= %></dd>

  <b><%=t :Age%>:</b>
  <dd class="edit_textfield" id="<%= %>" name="age"><%= @student.age %></dd>

  <b><%=t :Address%>:</b>
  <dd class="edit_textfield" id="<%= %>" name="address"><%= @student.address %></dd>

  <b><%=t :Phone%>:</b>
  <dd class="edit_textfield" id="<%= %>" name="phone"><%= %></dd>

I want to setup a button like

<button type="button" id="button1">Click this button and all the fields will become editable!</button>

so that by clicking this i want to make all fields editable

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java script

$(".edit_trigger").bind("click", function() {


<button type="button" class="edit_trigger">Click this button and all the fields will become editable!</button>
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