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Hi i'm trying to get some random results ordered by the location ASC.

This is my query:

SELECT `location`, `route`
FROM (`foo`)
WHERE `location` != ''
ORDER BY  RAND(), `location` ASC

the problem is that it gets randomly but doesn't orders then by "location" ASC, also if i do this:

SELECT `location`, `route`
FROM (`foo`)
WHERE `location` != ''
ORDER BY  `location` ASC,RAND()

it doesn't gets randomly.

How can i get both togheter RAND() and ORDER BY location ASC ?

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You need nested statements/queries:

    SELECT `location`, `route`
    FROM `foo`
    WHERE `location` != ''
    LIMIT 8) AS `temp`
ORDER BY `location` ASC;
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i need 4 minutes to accept the answer, anyway this solves at all! really thanks! – sbaaaang Jan 14 '13 at 8:52
Note that this method will be very, very slow if your table is very large - it will require full table scan, even with LIMIT 8 – mvp Jan 14 '13 at 9:02

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