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I stuck as to what extend the gmail app for iOS supports responsive emails. It seems to be clear that the Android version does not support it: Responsive emails on Gmail app (Android)

But how about the gmail app for iOS?

I have tested the behaviour with default templates that come right out of Campaign Monitor and the app would display the web version only.


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The Gmail App seems to stripe out all css from the header (the same way the browser version does). So it doe not support media-query based responsive newsletters.

see more here

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No version of Gmail supports the <style> tag, making media queries, which can't be inlined ineffective in Gmail.

If you want something more consistent across clients, most people go with a fluid layout. This pretty much limits you to single column designs though. You can set a max-width media query so that it looks like a normal 600px email in Outlook, but resizes for all devices that are smaller than 600px wide.

Hope that helps.

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This may help:

Others have (correctly) stated that Gmail strips out <style> tags. This is true for the Gmail app on Android and iOS, I believe.

However, it seems that the native mail app for Android does not - and that's what the URL I provided is all about.

Side note: they don't mention it, but I'm pretty sure that you can put media="all" on a <style> tag and get the same results (as opposed to using <link> or putting @media within <style>).


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