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I have java code through which i set content type of excel and send it to browser. when ever it is downloaded using IE it shows open file dialogue which has OPEN,SAVE,CANCEL button. I need to avoid this OPEN button and only show SAVE & CANCEL button, how to do this java. I googled and found info that if we set meta type of contect in IE for download-option as noOPEN then this might be achieved; But i am not getting how to do this using java.

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Show us how did you formed in Java code that sends file content to client? – Andremoniy Jan 14 '13 at 8:55
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in java you can use

response.setHeader("X-Download-Options", "noopen");

this code for hide open button.

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Thanks Sandeep Its working fine – prash Jan 14 '13 at 9:20

You can either render it inline by setting proper header

"content-disposition", "inline;filename=somefile.someExt"

or you can make it like attachment

"content-disposition", "attachment;filename=somefile.someExt"

in which case browser has its own way to prompt user, you can't change it [unless your browser provides some sort of setting that your client can set]

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