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I downloaded plweb from http://www.swi-prolog.org/git/plweb.git/snapshot/7cd70cef6011b480ef05f2b8679728abba719c0c.tar.gz

$cd plweb-7cd70ce/
ERROR: plweb-7cd70ce/register.pl:35:
    source_sink `library(smtp)' does not exist
Warning: plweb-7cd70ce/register.pl:35:
    Goal (directive) failed: register:use_module(library(smtp))
Warning: plweb-7cd70ce/load.pl:50:
    Using CLP(FD) with bounded arithmetic may yield wrong results.
ERROR: /home/***/swi-prolog/lib/swipl-6.2.6/library/clp/clpq/store_q.pl:347:
    evaluable `-1 rdiv _G43862' does not exist
ERROR: /home/***/swi-prolog/lib/swipl-6.2.6/library/clp/clpq/bv_q.pl:85:
    Exported procedure store_q:isolate/3 is not defined

Regards !

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After your question, I tried the same, from the link you supply, but got different errors: about smtp, try ?- pack_install(smtp). that solved the first error for me. Then I have different problems than yours

?- [load].
ERROR: /home/carlo/lib/swipl-6.3.7/library/explain.pl:36:
    source_sink `library(helpidx)' does not exist
Warning: /home/carlo/lib/swipl-6.3.7/library/explain.pl:36:
    Goal (directive) failed: prolog_explain:load_files(library(helpidx),[if(changed)])

while you are running without GMP support. I'll try to recover helpidx.pl and I'll report the outcome, but cannot say anything about miss GMP support (I do have it).

edit I took the first link that google answer when queried 'swi-prolog generate helpidx', pasted the source in a library directory (paths inspected with ?- file_search_path(library, X).). Then I've done:

?- [load].
% Library was moved: library(http/dcg_basics) --> library(dcg/basics)
% load compiled 7.36 sec, 33,882 clauses

I think that helpidx.pl is meant to be generated, not picked from a random source.. Next I'll try to understand better the documentation server, to see if I can solve this last problem.


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swipl-6.3.8 will report same error in library(clp). –  z_axis Jan 20 '13 at 0:51
but did you solved the GMP miss dependency? try installing libgmp-dev, or equivalent for your platform. See this page –  CapelliC Jan 20 '13 at 8:14
it works now by fixing the GMP issure stackoverflow.com/questions/14299421/… –  z_axis Feb 3 '13 at 0:59

You also need plweb-www.git, and then need to run some install step to integrate the two. Look in the www directory - if it's empty you need plweb-www.

I'm on another machine now, when I get back to the machine with plweb on it I'll look at how I installed.

I remember altering something in some installer-ish prolog file.

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where is plweb-www.git ? –  z_axis Jan 22 '13 at 2:10
copy your checkout uri and change the end from plweb.git to plweb-www.git, then checkout into a separate directory (at same level as plweb is where I did it) - I think I had to edit the install script to point at where my plweb-www directory was –  Anniepoo Jan 22 '13 at 7:00

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