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I am trying to run a batch file right before the installation begins, Just after the user chooses the component he wants to install.

fortunately, I don't build it from basic, I have a ready iss file which depending on the component runs a batch file that you have created already.

In the batch file I trying to change the directory of the installer to specific one. I tried to do so as I set INSTALLBINDIR and appfolder to my directory but it haven't work.

Do you know the variables I need to set so the installer will install where I want?

Edit: I found out that I don't need to use a batch file.

To fixed a position to file you just need to put your Directory in the DestDir in [files]

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{src} is the constant for installer directory (if I understood you right) –  RobeN Jan 14 '13 at 10:55

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You can't change the install directory directly from a sub script/program run from the installer. You will need to set the WizardForm.DirEdit.Text in [Code] to the new value.

Alternatively, you can use a {code:...} constant for the DefaultDirName directive to get a suitable value to start with.

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