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I'm thiking about implementing a countdown timer.

For example this one: link

I have been thinking about doing it with images or drawing it directly.

  • Does someone have any experiences with this?
  • What will be the easiest way?
  • Any pointers?
  • Are there libraries avaiable for this?
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Here you have a free one: http://lifehacker.com/5928519/ovo-timer-is-a-fast-free-and-good-looking-countdown-timer-for-android

If it is mandatory to implement it yourself, try to download the apk file, and then reverse engeeiering it. You should be able to see how it is done.

Some advices: there could be several approaches. What can be the best one is to use images and numbers in the middle.

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  • Yes I have experience with custom GUI elements ;-)
  • I would create a custom GUI element with a custom pain method, optionally the code for counting down (timer) already included
  • Java is full of pointers
  • You mentioned one in your link


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