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So this has been a trouble point for me on this project. What I'm trying to do is create a horizontal scrolling website also with mouse-wheel support, scrolls on X with the wheel.

I also have certain areas of the website or content divs with a set width and height that scroll vertical (overflow-y:scroll). It would be ideal when your mouse is over a vertical scrolling box that you could scroll the contents within.

I made a quick demo using Tiny Scrollbar and have posted that I'm trying to do here:

Basically I would like the orange content box to have a vertical scroll when a user has the mouse over the orange.

I have limited JS knowledge to hack up the existing plugin so any advice would be appreciated.

This site is being built for IE8+ users.

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You can use Hover Function with Jquery and some Css tweakings to achieve that,


<div id="test">
  Your text goes here...





    //Note: overflow:auto will bring the V-scroll bar 
    //at the same time overflow:hidden will hide that.
    $("#test").hover(function(){ $(this).css({"overflow":"auto"}); },
    function(){ $(this).css({"overflow":"hidden"}); });


Live Demo

If you need any further clarification, then just visit this.

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oops, i think ,i Mistook this question and wrongly answered it, can any body show me the directions to how to delete my answer.? – Rajaprabhu Aravindasamy Jan 14 '13 at 9:50

Because I think this topic is interesting I tried a little around. I figured the easiest way is to do it without the plugin. This is my resulting code to make the page scroll horizontal:

// set a block variable if we are over another element that scrolls
// if ie would support for scrolling this wouldn't be needed
var blockScroll = false;
$(".scroller").on("mouseenter mouseleave", function (e) {
  blockScroll = e.type === "mouseenter";

function scrollFunc (e) {
  // stop if the target is a .scroller and also
  // if there is an indication that a vertical scroll was done
  if (blockScroll || ("wheelDeltaX" in e && e.wheelDeltaX != 0) || e.shiftKey) return;
  // prevent default scrolling (no jumps)
  // get ammount of scrolling
  var scroll = "wheelDelta" in e ? -e.wheelDelta : (e.detail * 2);
  // use scroll y for scroll x
  window.scrollBy( scroll, 0 );

// try attaching the method like the borwser needs it
// this event isn't covered by jquery so I had to do it manually
if (document.addEventListener) { // W3C sort of
  document.addEventListener( "DOMMouseScroll", scrollFunc, false );
  document.addEventListener( "mousewheel", scrollFunc, false );
} else if (document.attachEvent) { // IE way
  document.attachEvent("onmousewheel", scrollFunc);
} else {
  document.onmousewheel = scrollFunc;

Note: that every element that scrolls on it's own has to have the class scroller with this code. If needed you could try to get the overflow value with jquerys css but I wouldn't recommend that.

This is my result! But I have to say that I have no mobile devices to test it there. This solution will only work for mouse wheels.

If you have another element that should scroll horizontal replace the document in my example with your element node and window.scrollBy with element.scrollLeft += -scroll.

I also might have to add that the scrolling will never be as smooth as done directly.

EDIT: I have another idea how this could be accomplished. You could make the page scroll vertical and put a div in it with 100% size and fixed position. Then use the onscroll event to synchronize the horizontal scroll of the inner div with the vertical scroll of the body. I have no idea how well that'll work though.

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I like the idea of what you were going for here but a couple issues I noticed, FF 17.0.1 (Mac) doesnt support the horizontal scroll and on Chrome the browser window tries to scroll vertical causing the browser window to have a jump effect. – lemdon Jan 15 '13 at 2:24
@lemdon Thanks, haven't tested firefox. It should work now. However the scrolling isn't smooth there. Also I implemented a preventDefault so the browser won't do anything unexpected. – Nemo64 Jan 15 '13 at 8:54

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