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The question is very specific to which of the two storage options on Google App Engine will be a better solution for my Android Application that has to store and retrieve images from the server (google apps engine)

  1. High Replication Data Storage - Use the Blobstore Api to work around it.
  2. Use Google Cloud Sql - Create Relational Data Storage in the Cloud.

I am new to Google Apps Engine so not sure about the decision. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank You. Hope to hear soon.

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How can we possibly answer this question? The best option depends on your requirements, but you haven't mentioned what they are. – Daniel Roseman Jan 14 '13 at 10:34

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Actually you have several options:

  1. Blob property in Datastore: simplest to use, but limited to 1Mb. Price of storage $0.12/GB/month
  2. Blobstore: similar to Blob in DB: simple to use, effectively limited to 32Mb (max HTTP response size). Price of storage $0.12/GB/month
  3. Imageservice: can sit in front of Blobstore, helping you to cache and resize images (important if you want to optimize images for mobile devices).
  4. Cloud SQL - a MySQL database shoehorned into GAE. I wouldn't use this as it's expensive: storage $0.24/GB/month, traffic $0.12/GB/month (in addition to your frontend instance traffic).
  5. Google Cloud Storage: external service, but integrated with GAE (has direct API). More features, access controls, etc. Harder to use, lower price: storage $0.085/GB/month.

Note: all services will cost you $0.12/GB of network bandwidth. The only way to lower this is to use caching (but this then requires to have public Urls).

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Thanks for the response Peter it is helpful.It will be really helpful in making the decision now – user1974849 Jan 16 '13 at 9:40

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