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My basic task is to capture a part of an image and then use it. To give you an overview, I am creating an app based on OCR, I allow to user to take a picture using camera. However, rather than processing the entire image, I only want some part of it to be selected and send for processing (Preferably a rectangle). So, to sum it up, I want an overlay to be provided, and I want the image inside that overlay to be further used rather than the entire clicked image.

Now, by my understanding, I realize that AVFoundation is the tool to capture the image, however in my app I have used UIImagePicker. I am totally confused since I am a newbie and not sure hot to proceed ahead. Appreciate all for the help. Thanks again

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There is fine open source library for OCR in iOS :


This will work best if the image resolution is 150 * 150 . For more in formation of other libraries you can also refer the SO question:OCR Lib

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Thanks for the reply but this is not what i am looking for, I already have a ready working ocr app, but to improve the accuracy, I want to provide a small rect. box for the user to chose exactly what area he wants to provide the OCR on. I am stuck in this step. –  Mikeazio Jan 14 '13 at 9:55
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