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I have just make a responsive design, but there are 2 mistakes. One that when window is resized to different size, entire website will automatically resize, but Heading title and slider doesn't resize. But if i reload it, it will resize.

I have made different css rules of font sizes and slider height, which don't work without reload. You can see online website at: http://www.itmediagroup.lt you see slider, change window size, then u will see a problem, when reload website, and see all changes, I think all bugs are on my css, but i dont know how to fix it.

P.S fontsize i was trying to do in percent, but then the size of font is too small.

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Font doesn't resize with browser, even if you declare the font in percentage. You have define different fontsize pixel values for different screen sizes using media queries or use JavaScript plugins like fittextjs.com –  Deepak Kamat Jan 14 '13 at 10:21

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You can either set font sizes for elements using media queries, javascript (fittext.js) or you can use css viewport units. For example;

Viewport unit syntax

  • 1vw: 1% of viewport width
  • 1vh: 1% of viewport height
  • 1vmin: 1vw or 1vh, whatever is smallest
  • 1vmax: 1vw or 1vh, whatever is largest

It is supported by most new browsers but can be made more "bulletproof" by using VminPolly

Some good info and examples here

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