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On my site, I have Facebook share plugin so that users can share articles on Facebook. Now I want a report of top 10 articles shared on Facebook from my site in last one week or month.

I tried using FQL, url, normalized_url, share_count, like_count, comment_count, total_count FROM link_stat WHERE url like '' order by total_count desc limit 10

But 'like' keyword doesn't work in fql. Please advice.

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I suggest you to do this way:

For example: Articles from (It may not work on all website, so you may try your luck.)

The you can collect all link/message/...etc which was exist/valid article on the domain(For example, is exist and consider increment one count, however is not consider one count.)

You collect ALL via pagination "until=", until one week or month and you stop pagination.

Of course, each count should be tied to one post id. Remove these count which was duplicated post_id.(May happen when both message and link contains '', so it should consider as only one count)

Sum all counts for each unique articles.(For example, have 3 counts), then sort all those articles by counts. Again, make sure no duplicated post_id for all count.


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