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I'm developing a web-app using phonegap/cordova 2.2 and want to store data in sql type database but it seems that as html5 is not yet documented and there are three competing approaches for saving serious amounts of data, its confusing about which approach should i use. Can anyone help?

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Also check out my own library . The library supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.


Beautiful database API for secure, robust, high-performance, maintainable, large-scale javascript web app.


  • Support IndexedDB, WebSQL and WebStorage storage mechanisms.
  • Support all features of asynchronous IndexedDB API.
  • Well tested closure library module.
  • Fixed schema, auto versioning, on-the-fly schema generation while maintaining multiple connections (on tabs, or worker).
  • Low-level cursor iteration, high level query
  • Each method call is an atomic transaction, while supporting transaction and advance transaction workflow.
  • We adopt strict javascript coding pattern: no global, no eval, no error globbing, parameterized query, all public methods and constructors are strongly type, this is this, coding error throw error.
  • JQuery plugin available (see download section).

Basic usage

var db = new ydn.db.Storage('db name');
db.put('store1', {test: 'Hello World!'}, 123);
db.get('store1', 123).done(function(value) {


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You can check storage document here:

For query syntax, you can check at

HTML5 DB work smoothly on iOS and Android, but there some problems in Blackberry. Window Phone 7 does not support HTML5 DB.

You can check PhoneGap Plugins for SQLite at: (WP8+)

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If you desire a relational database option, but are concerned with WebSQL (the standard was abandoned and not implemented in many browsers), another excellent option is: SequelSphere

It is a 100% HTML5/JavaScript Relational Database that works cross-browser and uses either IndexedDB or local storage to persist it's data. In PhoneGap/Cordova it would use IndexedDB, thereby giving you the ability to store "serious amounts" of data in a relational method allowing for SQL queries. It is it's own database engine, and doesn't rely upon the built-in (WebSQL) relational databases. As such, it will also work across all browsers and platforms should you want to port your app elsewhere.

It's API is readily available on the website at:

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