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Could anybody say about dstat's network metrics (dstat -n)? Is it Bytes or Bits? Thanks a lot!

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My guess is that it is bytes, since the output shows B, bits would be b:

 recv  send
   0     0 
2376B  725B
1523B  180B

However, nothing in the manual confirms this.

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I think so. I output the results to a text file and compare the values in "k" and "M" and in "B" (do -output [filename], all fields are in the same unit). If "M" means "MB", and "k" means "kB", the value in the "B" field is consistent with "Byte" other than "bit". I do not think the designer of "dstat" will use "bit" as the unit. That is just not intuitive and straightforward. –  fanchyna Mar 9 '13 at 17:19

Bytes.. at least from version .3. from changelog:

  • 0.3
    • Added load stats (-l)
    • Added memory stats (-m)
    • Output now fits into space and adds unit
    • Converted all values to bytes

interestingly.. in 0.7.2svn they added bits option

  • 0.7.2svn - ... - release 03/09/2010
    • ...
    • Added new --bits option to force bit-values on screen (Scott Baker)


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bits for the network stats im guessing –  h4unt3r Jan 13 '14 at 23:49

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