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I searched information about that topic, but I am unable to find an final answer. I would like to write&publish an app on AppStore (Apple) for a customer need. This app will let the user to download and read some documents, but it will be only available for users allowed by the company (user that got an USER/PASSWORD to login with the app).

The only review guideline rule that got my attention is:

2.22 Apps that arbitrarily restrict which users may use the app, such as by location or carrier, may be rejected

The app will be used on just few devices (maybe 20). The company is not elegible for iPhone Developer Enterprise Program (it has less than 500 employees). Is this kind of app allowed by the apple guidelines?

Thank you for your help.

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The number of employees thing is old; all the company needs is a valid DUNS number - which they can get for free at dnb.co.uk/dandb-duns-number ... and then the enterprise account at $299/year. –  Luke Jan 14 '13 at 10:52
Thank Luke, are you sure? Apple site still says that limit here: apple.com/kr/developer/support/iphone/enterprise.html –  Caio Jan 14 '13 at 10:57
That's nonsense IMHO - the main Enterprise Developer site makes no mention of this: developer.apple.com/programs/ios/enterprise I was responsible for obtaining this account at one of my recent employers, and they are only ~20 people and we got approval. –  Luke Jan 14 '13 at 10:59
Thank you Luke, how long did it take to enroll? –  Caio Jan 14 '13 at 11:03
Perhaps a few days or a week - assuming you have all the correct documentation (explained as you go through the registration process) - then they will usually phone you before finally processing it, to check that you know the differences between Enterprise Developer and the normal type. –  Luke Jan 14 '13 at 11:05

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I believe that the number of employees requirement is old - all the company needs is a valid DUNS number, which they can get for free at http://www.dnb.co.uk/dandb-duns-number if they are registered in the UK. (else Google 'get DUNS number' and your country to find the right page)

Beyond this, the only expense is the $299/year for the account.

Main Developer Enterprise site:


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