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can any one explain how the binary protocol of HID-MULTI-ISO Mifare reader works?

I am sending a frame to MIFARE reader (HID HF multi-ISO reader), but it failed. according to the datasheet, the frame looks like this:

>> 020101787803

where 02 is the STX, 01 is the device ID, 78 is the data which is a command reset and the other 78 is the BCC (block check character) which is the result of 01,01 and 78 xored. and the last 03 is the ETX.

when i send the frame it results error ? ? ? meaning command error.

i am familiar with the ASCII protocol and it is working well but i want to do the reader configuration using binary protocols, which involves frames.

any answer is appreciated..

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That is not the protocol of the Mifare 1K. It is the protocol of your reader you are using. Unfortunately you haven't named the reader.. – Nils Pipenbrinck Jan 14 '13 at 11:39
@NilsPipenbrinck, it is a HID HF Multi ISO Reader, sorry i forgot to mention before. – Liban Jan 14 '13 at 14:32

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