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I have implemented IDataErrorInfo in one of my classes to validate a property of that class. The property is bound to a control on my wpf user control. The validataion works fine, except there is one vital flaw.

It seems to be calling the IDataErrorInfo member public string this[string columnName] before the property is updated, so when I check the value of the property being changed it contains the previous value not the one just entered. Therefore, the validation is always one step behind. This means that I can't check for incorrect values that have just been entered.

Is there any way of forcing this validation to be called after the property has been updated and not before. I have tried changing the UpdateSourceTrigger to both LostFocus and PropertyChanged but they still report the previous value, just at different times.


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A little bit of actual XAML used to bind would be helpful. And also I would like to see how you have implemented property change notification in the BO. –  Trainee4Life Sep 18 '09 at 18:38
Can you please show the implementation of one particular property for which you're having this problem (never mind that it's generated)? –  Pavel Minaev Sep 24 '09 at 22:16

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The behavior that you are referring to can be reproduced when property change notifications are sent before the property is assigned.

public string FirstName
    get { return _firstName; }
        if (this.PropertyChanged != null)
                (this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs("FirstName"));
        _firstName = value;

May be calling the change notification after you have actually set the value may do the trick. And just for the record I don't call property changed notification like this!

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Good idea, but I'm using LinqToSql as the Model and by default the Property changed notification is after the value is set. –  HAdes Sep 21 '09 at 17:56

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