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In JavaScript, what is the difference between

  1. escape / unescape
  2. encodeuri / decodeuri
  3. encodeURIComponent / decodeURIComponent
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  • escape — broken, deprecated, do not use
  • encodeURI — encodes characters that are not allowed (raw) in URLs (use it to fix up broken URIs if you can't fix them beforehand)
  • encodeURIComponent — as encodeURI plus characters with special meaning in URIs (use it to encode data for inserting into a URI)
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First of all - Escape is deprecated and shouldn't be used.


You should use this when you want to encode an url, it encodes symbols that is not allowed in an url.


Should be used when you want to encode parameters of your url, You can also use this to encode a whole url. But you would have to decode it in order to use it again.


I'd say this a duplicate. Here's a good answer on SO - Credits goes to Arne Evertsson: Best practice: escape, or encodeURI / encodeURIComponent

There's a lot of details on why/why not on that topic.

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