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I want to find what modules were included into a specific class, excluding its ancestors. E.g.:

module M; end
module N; end

class A; include M; end
class B < A; include N; end

p B.included_modules

#=> [N, M, Kernel]
# I want only N

I can't use B.included_modules[0] since I don't know how many modules B includes.

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If you know A is the superclass of B then

p B.included_modules - A.included_modules should give you what you are looking for else

p B.included_modules - B.superclass.included_modules

module M; end
module N; end
module O; end

class A; include M; end
class B < A; include N; include O; end

p B.included_modules - A.included_modules
#=> [O, N]
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Or p B.included_modules - B.superclass.included_modules :) –  BernardK Jan 14 '13 at 13:01
@BernardK : If you know A is the.... else :) –  Anand Jan 14 '13 at 14:17

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