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Any way of defining an AS for a query??

I have tried the following:

$data = News::order_by('', 'desc')
    ->join('categories', 'news.category_id', '=', '')
    ->left_join('users', 'news.user_id', '=', '') // ['created_by']
    ->left_join('users', 'news.modified_by', '=', '') // ['modified_by']
    ->paginate(30, array('news.title', ' as categories', ' as username'));

The problem is that ['name'] from categories will be replaces with the one from users. Any way of having them with different names?

Having the aliases above... how can I create an alias where both joins return ?

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paginate() method's second parameter accepts array of table columns to select in the query. So this part:

paginate(30, array('news.title,'));

must be like this:

paginate(30, array('news.title', ''));

UPDATE (after you changed the question)

Try this:

->paginate(30, array('news.title', ' as category_name', ' as user_name'));

UPDATE 2 (after you changed the question, again)

You can use alias on tables, too:

$data = News::order_by('', 'desc')
    ->join('categories', 'news.category_id', '=', '')
    ->join('users as u1', 'news.user_id', '=', '') // ['created_by']
    ->join('users as u2', 'news.modified_by', '=', '') // ['modified_by']
    ->paginate(30, array('news.title', ' as categories', ' as creater_username', ' as modifier_username'));
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Please check out my updated question – w0rldart Jan 14 '13 at 14:42
Ok, i edited answer, can you check it? – aykut Jan 14 '13 at 14:57
Bro, every time you have problem you can't change question and remove the accept status of my answer. I know your LAST question answer but i won't answer it. Don't change question, you can ask releated question with adding comment. – aykut Jan 14 '13 at 15:17
lol plus 1 (and a badge!) just for putting up with all the changes. – StackOverflowed Dec 4 '14 at 21:01

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