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I'm writing a test and I'm finding that I'm unable to switch to a particular window by name. At this point in the test there are three windows open and the only unusual thing about the name of the window that I want to switch to is that it contains a hyphen. I'm able to switch to it using the below work-around (using window handle rather than name) but I would rather use the name. Does anybody know why I cannot?

Set <String> handles = driver.getWindowHandles();
        for (String i : handles) {
            waitForWindowAndSwitchToIt(i); //this function is basically a wrapper for switchTo() - the problem is not here
            if (driver.getTitle().equals("My website - test")) { 
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What is the output on driver.getTitle() ? – aimbire Feb 14 '13 at 17:37

WebDriver doesn't have a .switchTo method that takes a "title" argument. You would have to override and provide your own overloaded method if you wanted to do something like that. Personally, I think using window handles is more elegant because they are unique whereas a title has no guarantee to be unique.

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