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Any possibility for using this?

<link rel="alternate" media="print" type="text/html" href="http://google.com" />

I have a wordpress site that I want to have alternate format when printing. Using the code above will not work since google.com is not part of my website (Am I right?) So I am looking for any thing that can help me with this problem.

Any workaround? Tricks?

Thanks in advance and more power.

Tricks using Javascript are also entertained.

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I don't understand. Are you saying that the alternate CSS that you want to use to control your sites printing lives on another domain? –  James Hill Jan 14 '13 at 13:37
Or are you saying you want to control how another site prints? Or are you saying you want to print a different site when someone tries to print your page? –  epascarello Jan 14 '13 at 13:42
he is saying, he wants to link to an alternate version of the page intended for print media. i think google.com is just a weird example ? –  commonpike Jun 5 '13 at 23:14
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Your code tries to load the google.com as external CSS into your browser to use it to print your current page in a special style :-)

If you want to try to print google.com from your page, you have to load google into an iframe and say iframeName.print(); with Javascript.

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It is rel="alternate" not rel="stylesheet". It doesn't try to load the page as CSS. –  Quentin Jan 14 '13 at 13:52
oups, you are right :-( –  Jürgen Jan 14 '13 at 14:18
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