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My code is working on IE8 and other web browsers. It stop working when IE9 was installed.

I have the following code:


On Client side Click of a print button of the QuoteOverview.aspx page I have the following JavaScript code

window.showModalDialog(NewURL, dialogArguments, 'center:yes;resizable:no;scroll:no;status:no;dialogWidth:725px; dialogHeight:500px;');

where NewURL =

http:// Test-WebApp.MyDomain.com/QuoteDocument?Data=QT|WPCLB0000007622|10|37

in my quote document html I have

<div class="line">
    <embed id="pdfViewer" runat="server" type="application/pdf" name="pdfViewer" toobar="false" width="700" height="400" Visible="false" />
    <asp:Label ID="lblNoDocument" runat="server" Text="" Visible ="false" />

In my code behind

pdfViewer.Attributes.Add("src", PdfURL);  //  PdfURL = http://test-pdfproxy.MyDomain.com/PDFGenerator.aspx?Data=QT|WPCLB0000007622|10|37

PDF does not display.

I tried using document.domain = ' MyDomain.com '; but I get error

Microsoft JScript runtime error: Invalid argument.

My understanding is that the document.domain property is read only in IE.

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Not sure if it is where your problem lies, but your original url passes parameters to QuoteOverview.aspx but your NewURL tries to pass the same parameters to the default document in the QuoteOverview directory. Your .aspx extension appears to be getting lost. Not sure if this is intended? – d3v1lman1337 Jan 14 '13 at 17:35
NewUrl is the URL that is passed to the js showModalDialog. So QuoteOverview.aspx is poping up QuoteDocument.aspx by using showModalDialog – user1977417 Jan 14 '13 at 20:12

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