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I'm new to ASP.NET MVC 4. I've created an endpoint. That endpoint is available at:


In my controller, I have the following defined:

[HttpPost] public void ActionName(string parameter1) {


I am trying to figure out if its possible to have overloads. In ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API, is there a way for me to say something like the following:

public void ActionName(string parameter1)


public void ActionName(string parameter1, string parameter2)


If not, is there a way to make parameters optional?

Thank you!

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You cannot overload controller actions, however, you can specify a parameter to be optional when defining your routing as follows:

    name: "OptionalParameter",
    url: "myController/actionName/{parameter1}/{parameter2}",
    defaults: new { controller = "myController", action = "actionName", parameter1 = "Default Value", parameter2 = UrlParameter.Optional }
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