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I understand how to create a Magento Connect package from a store admin (System-->Magento Connect-->Package Extensions).

Is there a script somewhere that accomplishes this? I would like to save the repeated typing of identical information into the fields, and just make the process more automated (for releasing multiple versions of the same plugin)

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Never saw any separate package creator script. I assume the only way is to make custom calls to the Mage_Adminhtml_Model_Extension and Varien_Pear_Package. Anyway after package was created once you can load all data from the package with "Load local package" tab. –  Pavel Novitsky Jan 14 '13 at 17:17

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(self link, but it's the only like it I know of)

There's nothing officially supported — that said I've created a script which can take a standard, flat, unix tar archive and create a Magento Connect package from it. See the build examples on the Pulse Storm GitHub.

The script is magento-tar-to-connect.php, and you feed it a configuration file like magento-tar-to-connect.launcher.php. The configuration file has the minimum information needed to create a Magento Connect package, and should point at the unix tar archive (which you'll need to create separately).

If there's missing functionality I'm more than open to pull requests.

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