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Can anyone explain how this line of code works? Its a part of a streamgraph, when I hover over one stream, the opacity of the rest change to 0.2. Its really the ? in the middle that Im not 100% of.

            .attr("opacity", function(d, j) {
                    return j != i ? 0.2 : 1;


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It's a ternary operator, the conditional operator, short hand if, inline if, et c.

The ?: operator can be used as a shortcut for an if...else statement. It is typically used as part of a larger expression where an if...else statement would be awkward. For example:

   var now = new Date();
   var greeting = "Good" + ((now.getHours() > 17) ? " evening." : " day.");


Basically, if j is not equal to i, return 0.2, else return 1.

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Thanks for the quick response mate. Cheers! –  Daft Jan 14 '13 at 15:15

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