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I have the following code: and I want to call


  (function ($) {
 $.fn.waterwheelCarousel = function (options) {
 options = $.extend({}, $.fn.waterwheelCarousel.defaults, options || {});

    return $(this).each(function () {
 var data = {
        itemsContainer:         $(this).find(".carousel-images"),
        totalItems:             $(this).find(".carousel-images img").length,
        containerWidth:         $(this).width(),
        containerHeight:        $(this).height(),
        currentCenterItem:      null,
        items:                  [],
        itemDistances:          [],
        waveDistances:          [],
        itemWidths:             [],
        itemHeights:            [],
        itemOpacities:          [],
        carouselRotationsLeft:  0,
        currentlyMoving:        false,
        itemsAnimating:         0,
        currentSpeed:           options.speed,
        intervalTimer:          null

      // Setup the carousel
      // Preload the images. Once they are preloaded, the passed in function
      // will be called and the carousel will be setup
      preload(function () {

I have tried :

waterwheelCarousel().preloadfunction() and it's give me undefined method

also I have tried :

var t = $("#waterwheelcarouseldefault").waterwheelCarousel(); 

with no luck any one knows how to call this function?

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You should have a look here : stackoverflow.com/questions/1117086/… – sdespont Jan 14 '13 at 14:41
thanks this is really what I need – Mohammed Jan 14 '13 at 14:45

Isn't the function called "preload", and not "preloadfunction"?

Have you tried

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You could also create an object of your structure this way the code will get more readable. for example:

var app = 
      // Setup the carousel
      beforeLoaded : beforeLoaded(),
      preload: function () {


this way you can access your function by typing app.preload();

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SHOULD I PUT VAR APP BEFORE (function ($) { WHICH IS THE FIRST STATEMNT IN MY CASE – Mohammed Jan 14 '13 at 14:40

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